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How's my Draco? Leave any comments and crits here! Flames are not appreciated. IP Logging off and comment screening on, so crit away.
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This is a thread tracker for Draco Malfoy for Mayfield.

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Name: Ming
Personal Journal: If you have one; a journal on another website is fine.
Contact Info: Any other way of contacting you. IM screen names, e-mail address, etc. AIM appears to be the common link between most players, so having a handle on AIM is preferable.
Other Characters Played: Any other characters you play at Mayfield, if applicable.
Preferred Housing:

Character Name: Draco Lucius Malfoy.
Character Series: Harry Potter series, taking him before the Battle of Hogwarts in Book 7.
Character Age: 17 going on 18.
Background: Biography here.
Personality: As I'm taking Draco out from Book 7, this is a Draco who has changed from his earlier years. There is no denying that Draco was once a spoilt, arrogant, and mean person who discriminated based on lineage. However, by the time he hits the 7th book there is a new dimension added to his character: one of being bullied himself. For 2 years, ever since the return of Voldemort in Book 5, he had been operating on Voldemort's orders out of a fear for the lives of him and his family. It may have first started out as a chance of obtaining glory as a Death Eater and to get back at Harry for what happened to his father, but as the years go on his admiration and enthusiasm for the Dark Lord waned and crumbled as he started witnessing Voldemort's cruelty firsthand, both to himself and others, and his fear off the Dark Lord started to grow instead especially when his parent were being threatened.

From this, we can deduce a few things about Draco.

1. He isn't very brave.
Draco used to be a bully; he's used to being the one that makes people scared. However, he isn't as brave or as fearless as he'd like to be. Even before the 6th book there have been instances where Draco's cowardice has been shown: in the first book where he and Harry were stuck in the Forbidden Forest together as detention he was quick to run away and leave Harry behind. He was also hardly seen without the company of Crabbe and Goyle, his "muscle", for various reasons, including that he is actually afraid to do any bullying without someone backing him up. By the 6th and 7th book, Draco's was very afraid of Lord Voldemort and of what would happen to him and his family should he disobey the Dark Lord. This fear was his motivation to succeed, driving him to desperation when he tried to assassinate Dumbledore in the 6th book.

2. He discriminates.
There's also no lying that Draco isn't the nicest of people, as affirmed by JK Rowling herself. His upbringing has lead him to regard those who aren't Pure-bloods badly. For six books he has insulted and looked down on Hermione simply because she's a Muggle-born wizard, being the first to use the deregatory term "Mugblood" oh her. During his brief stint as a member of the Inquisitorial Squad in the 5th book, he docked Hermione 10 points simply for being a Muggle. He has also been rude to Ron and Harry, simply because the both of them oppose his views and choose to champion for Muggles instead. Labelling Ron a Blood-Traitor, a non-Muggleborn Wizard who sympathized with Muggles and Muggleborn wizards and witches, and taunting Harry that he had chosen "the wrong side" early in their rivalry, there is no love lost for Muggles and their kind when it comes to Draco.

3. He's arrogant and ambitious.
He did not get into Slytherin for no reason. Draco is ambitious and has long desired to be a great person. This is seen not only in his actions (he has often gone to great lengths to embarass Harry and/or make himself look good: in the third year he dressed up as a Dementor to scare him, in the fourth year he went around spreading rumors and gossip about Harry and Hermione as well as starting a campaign that touted Cedric Diggory as the real champion while discrediting Harry, in the fifth year he became a Prefect and a member of the Inquisition Squad, both of which are considered somewhat of an elite group, and he worked hard to catch members of the DA resistance and in the sixth year he took on the nigh impossible task of killing Albus Dumbledore), but also in the people he idolizes: his father and Lord Voldemort. Being born as a pure-Blood wizard in a family which had connections with the Dark Lord, he was taught to upkeep the Malfoy name, to be of a higher standard than other wizards simply because he is a Malfoy and that he doesn't have a single drop of Muggle blood in him. It's no surprise that his father berated him for allowing Hermione to do better than him in the exams; he was taught to be the best, because was born to be the best. That has long given Malfoy a sense of being better than others, and this has made him arrogant and condescending to others who don't share his pretigeous lineage.

But for all the negatives, there are the positives.

4. He loves his family.
Blood is thicker than water, and although it is his family that ironically got him into the mess with Voldemort, Draco has never blamed his parents for it. The Malfoys, for all their flaws, are actually a very close family that care very much for each other, and Voldemort uses this to both punish Draco's father for his failures and to blackmail Draco to kill Dumbledore, or die trying. Voldemort never expected Draco to succeed, as Narcissa correctly guessed that Voldemort intended Draco to fail so that he could kill Draco as punishment to his father for the fiasco at the Ministry of Magic. Draco himself knows this, and spurned on by the fact that this too could happen to his parents, he never ceased in his attempts to kill Dumbledore. It is when Dumbledore consoles him and promises that the Order could protect Draco and his parents that Draco was inclined to drop his wand and give up the assassination. Harry did not believe that Draco would've killed Dumbledore, and this is asserted by JK Rowling in subsequent interviews after the book was published.

5. He has his moral standards.
No matter how low they are, Draco has no appetite for killing or torturing people. For all his talk in the first five books of doing so, in the last two he displays a great reluctance to hurt others and even some shreads of guilt. In his confrontation with Dumbledore, Dumbledore mentions the names of the people Draco had wounded in his attempts to kill him. The stress of failing, compounded with the knowledge that he had nearly killed people, took its toll on Draco. In the 7th book, it is also mentioned that Draco had to force himself to torture others on the orders of the Dark Lord, for fear that this would happen to him himself, and when Lord Voldemort killed a witch in front of him, he literally fell off his chair. When he had the opportunity to identify Harry and his friends, he did not respond with the enthusiasm that he exhibited in his earlier teenage year whenever it came to bullying Harry, Ron and Hermione; instead he displayed great reluctance to even identify them. This seems to suggest that for all off Draco's talk about purifying the wizard race, he knows when a step is taken too far, and he quickly grows disillusioned of the Death Eater lifestyle.

6. He can change.
The seventh book shows that there is hope for Draco yet. In the epilogue, he and Harry are seen to, at least, have a civil relationship. Though it is probable that they can never be friends, the fact that Harry and Draco are no longer hostile to each other suggests that they have at least settled their differences, something that requires Draco to admit that his behavior in the past was wrong. This is a big departure from his old arrogance and suggests that his time as a Death Eater, while traumatic in a way, have somewhat changed him, perhaps for the better. Even when Hermione trapped at Malfoy Manor, he didn't immediately identify her to his parents and his aunt. It's evident that he no longer sees Voldemort as doing the right thing, and only fear for him and his parents keep him in the Death Eater camp.

Draco is not a likeable character. Not for his meanness, his pride, and his condescending behavior to Muggles. He could be compared to a Nazi Youth member and how they felt and treated any who weren't off the Aryan race. There is no disguising some of the horrible and terrible things he has done and said. But even in the bad, there is the good, and as shown by the epilogue, there is still a chance for Draco to redeem himself.

Abilities: A list of Draco's magical and non-magical skills. In a nutshell, he is quite a good wizard, excelling at potions especially. He's good at non-verbal spells, which are difficult to do, and he is also good at Occlumency. JK Rowling mentioned that this is because Draco is good at shutting down his emotions, and thus he finds it easier to keep his emotions under wraps and to guard his mind. He is also intelligent, and a competent dueller.

Sample Entry:

Can someone please explain to me why I have to bother with, of all things, Muggle school!? It's extremely disgusting, and I demand that my name be removed from the attendance records at once!

[Without the Dark Lord around to bother him, he seems to have recovered some off his old fire. He's going to continue ranting now Mayfield, like the spoilt brat he is.]

The whole place reeks of Muggles. I feel contimanated, like I need a shower everytime I step into that dreadful place. And those, those 'drones', should learn their place and have the sense to stay a good one meter away from me. No, I do not care for 'malt drinks', 'juke boxes', and any of this bland Muggle clothing; I nearly prefer to go naked. And if I hear another grating 'gee willikers', I swear on Merlin's beard someone's going to pa-

[And it's at this point his voice falters. When he next continues, he seems rather subdued, but there's still no denying the underlying snobbiness that he radiates.]

Anyway, are there any Pure-blooded wizards out there? I think we need to have a club, just so that we can have some decent company while we're stuck here.


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